You’re here because there is something more, something different that you want, and it’s time to take action.

If you’re ready to:

Get out of the fog and get clear on what’s next for you in life, or in business


Create the work and / or life that is a true reflection of you

Stop allowing difficult relationships or situations to drain your energy and your spark

Start building only positive relationships


Increase your confidence, your resilience and your positivity

Drastically reduce your stress levels and increase your personal wellbeing and energy

There has never been a better time to take action

Maybe there’s something you’ve already identified and started creating … but then found it harder than you expected to keep it going. It can be hard to change the way we do things in order to create time for something new. At least, that has been my experience – and I’ve witnessed the same in clients, friends and fellow business owners.

Maybe you are not yet certain what it is that you want, you just know that something is calling you inside … something is trying to emerge. It can be really frustrating to feel this way, wishing “it” would hurry up and show up. I’ve been there, too. What I do know is that pushing myself to “just get on with it” has not been an effective strategy for me.

I needed a combination of thinking space, and a balance of both challenge and support to help me move forward. That’s why I can provide help for you to move forward, too – all you need to do is choose which way is the best fit for you.

Jane’s coaching has been phenomenal. Over the six months I have worked with her, I have gained an incredible amount of insight into specific limitations holding me back from greater business success. Not only have I experienced breakthroughs on a personal level, but the financial growth in my business as a result of the work we’ve done is measurable. She truly is The Unsticker.

Suzanne Gamache

Managing Director, Amalida Properties Ltd

A 6-month 1-to-1 coaching programme that puts you and what you need at the heart of your life and your business and propels you towards the results you really want.

An 8-month group programme for up to 6 people who know it’s their time. Time to step up … time to lean in … time to make things happen.

Kick-start your next level of growth in a full or half-day session devoted to you and your dream. Get clear, create your strategy and commit to action.


You will strengthen your personal foundation and work on whatever you are being called to create. As well as moving towards your vision, you will emerge with a range of new skills that will support you through future challenges, taking you beyond possibilities and right into action. Time and time again.

From £2500 + VAT for 6 months

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You will capture your vision. You will share what you see for yourself and your business. You will create strategies, and identify what resources you already have, and what resources you will create.

You will support and challenge each other, share knowledge and experience as the group becomes your Board of Non-Exec Directors – a place where you can explore and resolve anything that is holding you back from transforming your vision into reality.

 You will be stretched to think and do things differently. To be different. You are the agenda.

 £195 + VAT per month

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The grass is greener where you water it.Wherever you focus your attention you create growth. The Watering Can intensive is designed to ensure you are watering exactly what you want to grow, and letting go of anything that is getting in the way.

 Half day £550 + VAT

Full day £950 + VAT

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Learn the invaluable skill of how to find the communication sweet spot and improve relationships of all kinds – including with your line manager, direct reports, colleagues, suppliers, associates, family and friends!

Discover the art of handling “challenging conversations” – before they escalate to a totally uncomfortable and stressful situation that you wish you could escape!

A focused retreat for a small group of business owners. We will refresh our energy, create deeper connection and commitment to our goals and emerge with renewed focus and clarity.


Learn about your natural communication style preferences with your personal Everything DiSC profile, and how to use this information to relate to others. You will learn how to “read” the communication preferences of others, and how to adapt your personal style with everyone you meet – at work and in your personal life.

 £350 + VAT

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There are some conversations that we avoid until they can’t be put off any longer! Or the problem simmers along until somebody says something they regret later. In a focused, 3-session programme you will learn how to prepare, how to manage your stress levels and how to have that all-important conversation in a way that leads to a positive resolution. Learn new skills that you can bring into all relationships in order to eliminate that high-stress feeling in the future.

 £600 + VAT

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Pricing depends on duration, location and number of participaants.

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