Turn possibilities into results with Jane Bytheway, The Unsticker

How do you build harmony and buy-in so you can deliver results through other people?

How do you stop challenging relationships from stealing your time and energy?

How do you get out of “stuck” or “overwhelmed” and into achieving results with ease?

How can you stay on track when your confidence constantly ebbs and flows?

It’s time to connect and get unstuck

I love helping bright, talented people just like you to create the relationships and results that will bring you joy and fulfilment.


Maybe you hold back from communicating what you need and constantly find yourself at the bottom of your own list you know that there’s so much more that you could achieve if you could create the time or get the buy-in of the people around you … or you feel like everyone else has it “sorted” so why don’t you? And your inner critic has a field day as you spiral into negative thoughts about what you cannot do, be or create.

 If any of that feels like you, I can help.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole coaching experience and have no doubt of the long term benefit. I have developed many coping methods that I can now call upon and use in a variety of situations. In particular, my leadership skills, and confidence in my own abilities has grown greatly and I no longer experience “imposter syndrome“.

Nick Middleton

Manager, Head Resourcing North

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